The most popular game of the UK- Bingo!

If you are from the United Kingdom, you would have surely heard of bingo. There was a time when bingo halls were the main centers of attraction for people who wanted to socialize, eat and drink, and of course play a game of bingo. Winning a tidy sum and spending quality time with friends is what attracted people to the bingo halls.

Times changed. Technology, smoking ban etc, brought with itself a new gaming era- online bingo. Thousands of people would flock in to the online bingo sites everyday and do exactly the same thing they once used to do in the local bingo halls.

Online bingo players aren’t as serious as the one’s found at bingo halls. Many players visit bingo sites completely unprepared to win a huge jackpot. They come to have a good time and if Lady Luck is generous someday, they end up with life changing wins. Continue reading